Special & Useful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2017

The Good Company

Can’t figure what to get for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Fret not! This Valentine’s gift guide has got you covered. Sure, you could go for the predictable and cliché gifts of overpriced roses and chocolates; but let’s face it, it gets a little boring. We know gifts say a lot about a person and your relationship, so we’ve put together a list of practical gift ideas you can pamper your other half with. 

Vegan Skin Care by Handmade Heroes

All natural, free of preservative and parabens, completely vegan and cruelty free. Handmade Heroes makes skin care how all skin care product should be made. Away from a chemical lab, using the simplicity of the finest natural ingredients, Handmade Heroes products are nourishing and gentle on the skin. Your loved one will be sure to love you as much as they love their skin.

Our Pick

True Love's Gift (for HER)
containing 3 bottles of Golden Bird's Nest, 1 Coconut Sorbet Lip Scrub, 1 English Rose Lip Tint,
1 French Rose Lip Tint, 1 Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo & 1 Rose Petals Rice Scrub

Price: RM200

See it at: Handmade Heroes



GLOW Bottle by The Good Co.

The Good Co.’s quest to advocate a healthy lifestyle is spreading beyond healthy eating. They have now released a multi-purpose infuser water bottle to encourage hydration to keep your skin glowing among many other important benefits. Similar to their food products, the bottle is made with sustainability in mind and elegantly designed so that it was important for them to love the bottle personally before selling it.

The GLOW bottle can be a water tumbler, a fruit infuser, a thermos flask, brew tea and keep smoothies icy cold, making it suitable for any lifestyle and occasion. Charm your valentine with the beautifully packed bottle or gift set so you can stay hydrated together. You and your loved one will GLOW for sure.

Our Pick

Rose Gold GLOW Bottle (for HER)

Price: RM169

 See it at: The Good Co.

Valentine Gift Set (for HIM & HER) 
containing 1 Rose Gold GLOW Bottle, 1 Gold GLOW Bottle
and 2 bottles of TGC's Honest Teas

Price: RM359


   See it at: The Good Co.



Mindful Jewelry by The Mindful Company

Rather than what’s trending, The Mindful Company focus on only designing products that will be great everyday reminders – timeless, subtle, well made, and at an accessible price point. They only release a product when they believe it will be a meaningful addition to your everyday life. Their line of product includes Reminder Band Cuffs, Reminder Band Braids, Reminder Band Chains and Reminder Cards. With any of these as a gift, your loved one will be sure to remember your sincerity.

Our Pick

Reminder Band Braids - Heart in Classic Rose Gold (for HER)

Price: S$68 or RM213

See it at: The Mindful Company

(Based in Singapore, The Mindful Company ships worldwide)



 Counterclockwise Watches by MEM Watches

MEM Watches is a timepiece brand that specializes in producing COUNTERCLOCKWISE Watches & Walltickers™. Inspired by the natural movement of nature, MEM Watches presents a unique and fresh way to see time. Who says watches shouldn’t always run counterclockwise right?  Their watches are designed to be crisp and sharp, yet maintain a classy feel with the essence of minimalism. MEM watches will be a gift so rare it becomes something unique.

Our Pick

MEM Verso Leather Moss Adam (for HIM) and MEM Verso Leather Sand Eve (for HER)

Price: RM249 each

See it at: MEM Watches 


Thoughtful Stationeries by Mossery

Maker of thoughtful stationeries, Mossery aims to create stationery that will help you organise your thoughts and ideas, boost your productivity, and keep you focused on your goals, whilst allowing your creativity to flow. Mossery carefully selects sustainably-sourced materials whilst ensuring production is of the highest quality. Product ranges from planner notebooks, notebooks/sketchbooks, greeting cards and accessories. With customized name on the cover your notebook, this can be a very personalized gift.

Our Pick:

Bundle 1 (for HIM & HER)
containing 2 Planner Notebooks with custom name on cover and postcards as freebies.

Design wise, we love the Corgi 2017 Planner Notebook. How can anyone say no to Corgis?

Price: RM187.70

See it at: Mossery



Preserved flowers by LavieFlo

If you insist on getting flowers for your Valentine, why not try something different this year? LavieFlo specializes in Preserved Flora Artistry where they arrange 100% natural flowers which have been preserved at its finest. These flowers are preserved from natural, high-quality floral breeds using state-of-the-art technology which allows the flora to maintain its natural beauty, texture and soft natural touch.

 Preserved flowers do not wilt like fresh flowers and can last between 6 to 12 months; whereas fresh flowers typically last for less than a week. Your Valentine will surely be fascinated with the long lasting beauty of these flowers.

Our Pick

True to Your Heart - Preserved rose, hydrangeas and baby’s breath (for HER)
Comes with a 25cm x 25cm square frame to be used as home decoration

Price: RM238

See it at: LavieFlo

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